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Bombay Belting, manufactures a wide range of rubber conveyor belts, however, if your application requirement is unique, and calls for a tailor made belt, our engineers can also create a custom product to fit your requirements. We have at our disposal, the world’s best, belt fabrication facility, with high pressure vulcanizing bay’s, punching / perforating presses, buffing & grinding machines, in-house machining and mould making.
Some typical Fabricated Belts from our range
  • OBMS Magnetic Separator Belts with Cleats.
  • Tumblast Belts / Shot Blasting Belts, with Cleats and Guides.
  • Sidewall Conveyor Belts
  • Longitudinally Jointed Belts, up-to 3600mm width.
  • Hot vulcanized endless belts.
  • Perforated belts.
A combination of a team of highly skilled & experienced engineers and technicians, in conjunction with the world’s best equipment, ensures a world beating fabricated conveyor belt.

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